June 13th, 2017

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill’s Newsletter 06/13/17

Last week I asked a very simple question. Will Senate Republican leaders hold any public hearings on their healthcare overhaul?

That shouldn't be a hard question to answer—any legislation that will impact one-sixth of our country's economy, and determine whether costs go up or down, and whether folks who've been sick before can get health insurance, needs an open, transparent debate. But that's not what you're getting from Republican leaders in Congress. You're getting backroom deals, out of the public eye.

WATCH NOW: "Will we have a hearing on the healthcare proposal?"

Missourians' healthcare shouldn't be decided in a secret backroom deal.

The current healthcare law isn't perfect and needs fixing, and that's why I've always pushed for improvements (like my recent bill to let Missourians in counties without a provider on the individual market buy the same insurance as Congress): READ MORE: Springfield News-Leader

But the solution isn't an overhaul cobbled together in a secret backroom deal—with no public Senate hearings or bipartisan amendment process—that, by all accounts, will hike costs for older Americans and gut protections for folks who've been sick before and have a preexisting health condition.

If you don't want your access to healthcare decided behind-closed-doors, make your voice heard on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #NoBackRoomDeals.

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