January 5th, 2021

Coping with the Stressors of 2020 Leading Into 2021 FREE Webinar

GRIEF OVERLOAD- Is what you feel when you experience too much loss all at once or in a relatively short period of time”—Dr. Alan Wolfelt this is what we all experienced in 2020. We all have felt the stress resulting in compassion fatigue, the lack of self-care and burn out. Our holidays have not been what they have been in the past, our new normal is wearing a mask. So leading in to 2021 we have to find the positives and learn to work on a new mind set. Amy De Motta, an Ozark Center, Show Me Hope Community Crisis Worker, will discuss how to develop a plan to make 2021 the best we can make it!

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Participants for this event will be eligible to pick up a special Show Me Hope journal prior to the event at the Carthage Chamber of Commerce.

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