September 19th, 2017

5 FAQ Maple Leaf Questions

5 FAQ Maple Leaf Questions
From inside the bottle it’s not always easy to know for sure what Carthaginians and visitors know for certain, and what may be new information that we assumed everyone knew. And you know what they say about assuming right………? So, since we are up to our eyeballs in the excitement of Maple Leaf, here are answers to the top 5 most frequently asked questions about the festival.
1. Question 1 – Where do I park?
There are eight public parking lots near the Historic Carthage Square. They are located at 2nd & Lyon, 2nd and Howard, 3rd and Lincoln, 3rd and Lyon, just South of 3rd and Lincoln, 3rd and Maple, 4th and Howard, 4th and Maple, 5th and Grant, and 5th and Maple. Most of the free, city owned parking lots are handicapped accessible and a handicapped only reserved lot is available at 6th and Grant. Please be aware that if you park on private property, you may run the risk of having your vehicle towed. The parking map is located in the official festival brochure. Pick up your copy today at the Carthage Chamber of Commerce, 402 S. Garrison.
2. Question 2 – Where is the nearest ATM?
There are three ATM locations within 2-3 blocks of the Square. UMB Bank located on the East side of the square has an ATM on the back side of their branch. Hometown Bank is located 2 blocks North of the square on Central and Maple. Southwest Missouri Bank is located 2 blocks West of the square at 4th and Maple. There are also Arvest Bank, Heritage State Bank, Simmons Bank, and U.S. Bank branches located throughout town for your convenience. If you’d like to avoid the hustle and hassle of taking time away from the festival to get cash, consider bringing it with you on festival day!
3. Question 3 – Where are the bathrooms?
There will be lots of public porti-potties available on festival day. Porti-potties will be located at 3rd and Main, 3rd and Grant, 4th and Main, 4th and Grant, between Main and Grand on 4th (handicapped and diaper changing units also available), 6th and Grant (handicapped units also available), Chestnut and Grant, Grand and Howard,13th and Grand, Grand and Macon, Grand just North of Centennial, and Fulton and Centennial. Public restrooms are also available in the Courthouse, at the Police Department, and First United Methodist Church.
4. Question 4 – Where do I get the festival shirts?
Festival shirts are available for pre-sale at Race Brothers Farm & Home Supply, 2309 Fairlawn. Short sleeved t-shirts are $14.99, long sleeved are $19.99 and hooded sweatshirts are $29.99. If you can’t make it to Race Brothers before festival day, don’t fret. T-shirts will be available for sale on festival day at the Southwest corner of the square.
5. Question 5 – What if I get a boo boo, my kiddo wanders off, or I need a place to change a diaper or am a nursing mommy?
Mercy Carthage will host a tent on the South Courthouse lawn, providing basic first aid and paper bracelets for kiddos on which parents can write their phone number in case they are separated. Additionally, MOPS and MOMSnext will have a tent on the North Courthouse lawn with areas for diaper changing and private spaces for nursing.
Log on to for a full calendar of events. Happy festival season!

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