Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a permit for a rummage sale?

Contact City Hall at (417) 237-7000.

When is the Carthage fireworks celebration?

Our Independence Day celebration in Municipal Park is always held on July 4th.

When are the drive-through Christmas lights open?

Generally, the Fathers of the CRM open the drive-through Christmas lights every Thursday through Sunday evening from 6-10 p.m., Thanksgiving through Christmas.

How do I file a complaint against a business?

Our nearest Better Business Bureau office is located at 430 S. Glenstone in Springfield (417) 862-4222.

What are the days/hours for the Recycling Center?

The Center is open Tuesday through Saturday 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

How do I reserve a pavilion or other park area?

Call the Parks & Rec department at (417) 237-7035.

When is Marian Days?

The Vietnamese-Catholic festival begins on the first Thursday in August and runs through Sunday.

When is the Maple Leaf Festival?

The festival runs the third week of October, with the parade always held on the 3rd Saturday of October.

Do I need and how do I obtain a Carthage City business license?

Contact City Hall at (417) 237-7000.

Who do I contact to reserve Memorial Hall?

Contact Hall staff at (417) 237-7050.

How can I call for a taxi cab?

The city-run taxi number is 417-359-6589, the OATs bus that services Carthage is 417-887-9272, and the local McCoy Cab is 417-358-7552. Safe travels!

When is city-wide cleanup?

Carthage no longer has a scheduled day for residents to dispose of larger-than-normal trash items.  Call (417) 358-6999 to schedule a special pick-up free of charge.

When does trick-or-treating occur in Carthage?

No day is specified by the City, so most trick-or-treating is done on October 31st.

When is the citywide rummage sale?

The City typically designates the first Saturday in May as Citywide Rummage Sale day.

Helpful Community Numbers

Better Business Bureau


Carthage Press (newspaper)


City Taxi


Carthage Water & Electric


City Hall


County Records Office


Civil War Museum


Extension Office


Golf Course


Fire Department

417 237-7101 (non emergency)

Health Department


Memorial Hall




License Bureau/DMV


Municipal Pool


Parks & Rec Department


Police Department

417-237-7200 (non emergency)

Post Office


Public Works Department


Senior Center


Street Department


Voter Registration


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