Regional Statistics

What is Economic Development?

Mark J. Elliff Chamber President and CEO

If you Google the “definition of Economic Development” you will get an abundant number of definitions. To come up with a simple definition is very difficult because everyone has a sense of what it means to them. We believe that it is necessary to have a common goal, or Mission Statement of Economic Development, that encompasses the many different facets of our community.

Carthage bases our economic growth upon the following Statements:

Vision Statement:

The Economic Development Leadership envisions the continued development of a healthy and vibrant City with a strong economic base, better jobs, improved retail areas and a wide range of diversified housing opportunities for the citizens of Carthage Missouri.

Mission Statement:

To create, foster and promote an environment conducive to attracting, expanding and retaining business and industries for the purpose of expanding and diversifying the City’s tax base and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Carthage.

We have a diversified economic base, exceptional people who live and work here, wonderful architecture and beautiful Victorian homes. Additionally, we have a strong educational system, good city government and departments, dedicated police and fire departments, appealing parks system, and so much more.

The following information gives a snapshot of several economic indicators for Carthage.

The City of Carthage is home to over 14,000 people as well as 500 businesses in the area.  The City is located in the Joplin metropolitan area which includes Jasper and Newton Counties in Southwest Missouri.

In Carthage, MO You Will Find

  • Nearly 80% of businesses have fewer than 50 employees.
  • Lower business and lifestyle costs than major metros.
  • We are located 130 miles from the center of the average population which is near Plato, Missouri.
  • Manufacturing businesses make up several of our top employers